Estonian Sports- and Olympic Museum’s new permanent exhibition „The Story of Estonian Sport“ takes you on a trip across the history of sports in Estonia and it tells a story of a small speck of land and colossal wins. It tells a story of the glitter of gold medals but doesn’t shy away from delving into the dark shadows of foul play. But most of all we hope this exhibition inspires our visitors to write their own pages in the grand story of sport!

The exhibition features loads of interesting and never-before seen audio, video and photo materials and has numerous attractions where people can try out first hand different sports situations. These attractions include: 

  • Virtual reality experience where Estonian sports stars introduce some of our most legendary sports arenas
  • Interactive basketball corner where you one play either in front of a front of hostile away fans or supportive home fans
  • Super-realistic rally simulator where you drive on some of the most legendary rally courses on some iconic cars
  • 1980s retro room which is like a time machine to a sports fans living room Soviet era
  • Sports commentary attraction where one can be a co-commentator for one of Estonias most legendary sports commentators Tarmo Tiisler
  •  Historical gym where you can find a punching bag, climbing ropes, vault and even a pommel horse
  • Reaction training wall, where people tend to challenge their friends to find out who has the fastest hands and coordination
  • Press room simulator where one can try how it feels tobe giving a press conference under the flashing lights of paparazzis
  • Bobsleigh, where one can try what it feels like to ride down an icy track at 100 km/h


And last but not the least - the most spectacular part of the new exhibition is the totally new Estonian Sports Hall of Fame. Here you can see some never-before publicly seen footage of 50 of the greatest Estonian athletes and sports influencers of the last century.

The “The Estonian Story of Sport” exhibition is sure to be both interesting and entertaining for sports fan of all ages and nationalities! Almost all of the attractions are also available in English and work is constantly under way to add additional languages to the exhibition.

Exhibition "The Story of Estonian Sport" was opened in October 2020.

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