Do you know what an ollie or a tailwhip is? Or where to find powder? Or how to perform a death loop? The heroes of the extreme sports exhibition at the Sports Museum have an answer to all these questions! They have that special X-FACTOR, that makes them jump from a plane, glide down snowy slopes, wipe out while white-water rafting and then, after speeding down a skateboard ramp, cling to a perilous rock face. In the recent decades extreme sports have conquered not only hearts and streets, but also the Olympics and now our museum!

Educational programs

We offer educational programs for groups of any age. Programs cover different aspects of sport. 

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Sports and Olympic Museum exhibitions include a permanent exhibition with attractions and Hall of Fame plus several temporary exhibitions. 
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You'll find a cool gift for yourself from our museum shop! Our selection includes everything from museum-branded gadgets to books and sports outfits of different local and foreign sports teams.


Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum collection contains over 150 000 historical pieces. Our collections are always opened for researches and sports fans. 

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