Integration Project „Sport Unites”

Until the end of the Be Active Year, i.e. 2023, the Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum’s educational programmes are offering language immersion groups with a discount of 45% – bringing ticket prices for students down to 5 euros! Sport is a field that brings together people from different backgrounds and nationalities and is therefore an excellent topic through which to introduce sports history and current affairs, the Olympic Games, extreme sports and healthy lifestyles. 

The aim of the integration project „Sport Unites” is to introduce Estonian sports history and sports culture to young people with a different mother tongue in an attractive museum environment, offering immersion classes and camp groups (for Russian, Ukrainian and other international backgrounds) to provide an opportunity to practice Estonian through meaningful learning activities and thereby support integration. Check out our selection of language immersion education programs here! 

PS! The programmes are carried out in Estonian, according to the language level of the class. 

More information and bookings:, 5333 8188  

The project is supported by the Integration Foundation.


There are more than 10 interactive attractions in our museum that you just have to try at least once in your life! Check out what fun hands-on activities await you with us! 
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Sports and Olympic Museum exhibitions include a permanent exhibition with attractions, fun hands-on exhibition about extreme sports and Estonian Hall of Fame.
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Hall of Fame

The most spectacular part of our museum where we honour the greatest athletes and sports influencers of Estonian sports. 
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